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Brightest Light
REVIEWS The complete series, Tribes of the Hakahei, is now available from Amazon. You can click on the covers on the right to buy, or read an excerpt from Part 1 below. Part 4, A Different Kind of Heaven, went up recently and I am busy working on Shadow of the Dragon, a stand alone fantasy. The stand alone Crystal Punk Renaissance fantasy, The Brightest Light,  is available as an ebook and I'm working on a new cover  so I can organise a paperback version. The Ferrymen and Other Fantastic Stories ebook is also available. If you don't own a Kindle but would like to read any of these books I can organise different formats-- just send me an email and let me know.
 Ferrymen Stories

"...a serious talent."
 - Ja
ck Dann

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The Space Between on
The Brightest Light
Excerpt only. PDF
Excerpt Only. PDF

Kade was once the up and coming star of The Skyway Men, a globe spanning criminal organization. Then he made a mistake. Then one more. Then one too many.

They could have killed him but he was banished andspent ten next years on a backwoods patch of farmland that flew along the quietest windlanes. He worked the smithy and fixed the crystal machines that ran everything from lights to biplanes and the huge engines that kept the skylands aloft. But all the while, he waited to be recalled.

When the Skyway Men finally offer him another job, Kade can hardly believe his luck. But soon he's going to need all the luck he can get. The skylands still sail the sky, there are criminals and constables, gun battles and robberies, but nothing is like he remembered. Nothing is the same and nothing is as it seems.

And if you can't trust a bunch of criminals, who can you trust?

Kim almost runs over Robin Hood in her car. 'Sir Doug' hits on her. She's stalked by an elf and a dwarf. Things couldn't get much worse.

Well, that's what she thought until the aliens attacked.

And that's just the start of the problems. When various governments start annoying her in all sorts of different ways she decides that it's up to her to end the war. But when she doesn't know what the enemy want, or why they want it, all she can do is do what she thinks is best, even if others don't agree. A bad attitude, a stubborn streak and a wonder bra are her only weapons and, for once, they may not be enough.
The Space Between
Singing Other Worlds
When the Time Comes

Different Kind of Heaven

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